Specifics about a lift and implant.

So many before/after pictures I see of lifts with implants BARELY show a lift. what is this due to? patient preference? implant shape? location under/over the muscles? what does that mean and what difference does it mean?

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Breast Lift with Breast Implants: Lower pole support

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Not all lifts and implants are created equal. Proper lower pole support is vital to a durable and long lasting result. This is needed to support the weight of the implant, and a skin only lift will likely bottom out. Proper soft tissue support can be performed using the breast tissue without the need of any mesh. Also, conservative sized implants are better when considering this procedure.

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Depends on your antatomy

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The term breast lift can be miss leading for some patients.  The breast implants will give you more volume, fullness in the upper pole, and better overall shape.  The breast lift will improve the nipple position on your breast and improve the distribution of your breast tissue on your breast.  Most people have a set breast position that really can not change.Hope that helps.Best Wishes,Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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