Is there a solution to my constant eye pain from LASIK?

I had lasik about a year ago. During the span of the year the clarity of my vision would fluctuate and dry eyes were a major problem, the fluctuation of my eyesight has stopped, but the dry eyes continue to be a problem. Having dry eyes I can deal with, but now I've developed what feels like a constant eye-stabbing-sensation in my left eye, when I move my pupils to the left the pain increases. Is there a condition or name to these symptoms? What are my options to fix this discomfort?

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LASIK, dry eyes, pain

Sorry to hear about your problems.There are many possible explanations for the symptoms that you are experiencing.Many of them having nothing to do with LASIK.I suggest you visit an ophthalmologist, preferably one that specializes in cornea and also does LASIK, as not all do. Since this is a "medical" problem your visit should be covered by your health insurance, a vision plan is not needed or necessary.Best wishes,Dr. Saimovici

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