Perhaps this is a silly question, but will rhinoplasty change my voice? (Photo)

No bragging here but I do sing well and I use my voice for work (radio reporter) and I was wondering if it would change if I have work done. I have a bulbous tip that I would like to have refined. I've just started researching doctors and will schedule consultations soon but this question keeps popping up.

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Perhaps this is a silly question, but will rhinoplasty change my voice?

Hello metobe - Thanks for your question.  It isn't a silly one.  The answer is that any nasal surgery that adjusts airflow through the nose or changes the volume of the inside of the nose, can change the sound of the voice.  If your only issue is that the tip of your nose needs refining, there is a good chance that a tip-only rhinoplasty would have less chance of changing the sound of your voice.  I would recommend that you ask this exact question to the surgeons that you interview to best educate yourself and help you make the best decision for yourself. Good luck, Dr. Shah

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Will rhinoplasty change my voice?

  A Rhinoplasty procedure should not change the voice.  Performing a septoplasty or turbinate surgery when there is nasal obstruction can slightly change the voice for the better, so that the voice is not quite so nasally.  Rhinoplasty is a difficult endeavor,  so choose your Surgeon very wisely based on extensive experience.  Digital computer imaging would be helpful in understanding what can be accomplished with the procedure.  Thick skin in the tip of the nose is significant impediment to seeing refinement in that area. For many before and after examples of rhinoplasty, please see the link and the video below

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Rhinoplasty and

Rhinoplasty does not change one's voice in most cases. If significant changes in the airflow through the nose occur from opening up blocked passages this may have an effect. But isolated external changes to the oit7er nose do not.

Rhinoplasty surgery rarely results in a change of the resonant quality of your singing voice.

It is urban folklore that Barbara Streisand did not request rhinoplasty for fear it would ruin her singing career. We have operated on singers without incident, but we advise that a slight change in vocal quality may ensue. Wishing you well. Dr Joseph

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Rhinoplasty and voice change

Thank you for your question. Adjusting the shape of the external structure and shape of your nose will not change your voice. If you were to change the internal structures of the septum or turbinates, this could cause a change in the tone and quality of certain notes or ranges in your speaking and singing voice. From what you describe you should be just fine. Hope all goes well with your procedure. Best wishes,Dr. Marcus Peterson

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Voice change after rhinoplasty

It is unlikely that rhinoplasty will change your voice. Occasionally when patients with significant nasal blockage have nasal surgery to open up their nasal passages it can change their voice slightly. However that is usually not the case. Good luck. Best, Dr H 

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Does rhinoplasty change your voice?

Rhinoplasty is designed to change certain functional and cosmetic aspects of the nose.  Occasionally, the voice of a very nasal-sounding individual will improve if they have a mechanical blockage that can be addressed during the rhinoplasty surgery.  If you are a good singer, it is likely that you will not be affected by surgery.


Probably not, unless you have significant changes to the back/inside of your nose. The rhinoplasty itself will not cause any changes with your vocal cords or vocal ability.  However, the sound from the vocal cords resonates throughout the back of the throat and nose and gives your voice the quality that is unique to you.  That's why you sound different when you have a bad cold and your nose it stuffed up; your vocal cords are the same, but the resonance is different.  People who need big changes to the back of their nose usually need it because they can't breathe and already have a stuffy sound, septorhinoplasty improves the nasal sound of their voice.  If you are only interested in changing the shape of your tip, it is unlikely to cause any noticeable changes (although you may be a bit hoarse immediately afterwards from the breathing tube).

Best of luck

Dr Rodman

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Rhinoplasty and voice change

Great question.  Although a rhinoplasty can change your voice it only occurs if air flow through the nose is altered significantly.  Refinement of the cartilage framework of the nose tip generally does not result in any appreciable air flow change and therefore unlikely to change your voice.I hope this helps.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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Rhinoplasty Should Not Alter the Sound of the Voice

Your concern is valid, as you make your living through your voice. However, I agree with most of my colleagues here that the change you want to make should not affect your voice unless it is particularly nasally, in which case it could be improved. Revising the tip is actually a quite complex surgery to perform, so be sure to spend time finding the right board-certified facial plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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