Can I get silicone removed from my butt and get a BBL the same day?

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Silicone injection removal

Removing silicone injected to the buttock can be an extensive surgery. Still one will not be able to remove all the silicone. That silicone is not a medical grade silicone and is not sterile. Infection can occur after removal.During the removal of the silicone, one is decreasing the blood supply to the buttocks. Fat graft needs optimal conditions to survive and fight infection.Separate the procedures into two procedures with a 3-6 month time between procedures

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BBL after Silicone Injection Removal

Thank you for your question. Each patient is different, especially if the silicone has migrated in your body. Generally speaking, your surgeon should be able to remove much of the silicone and then perform either a BBL or a Butt lift or augmentation to give you the shape you desire without the dangers of silicone injections. You will need to see a board certified plastic surgeon with expertise in this area. 

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