Can One Shot Reduce the Scar Tissue on my Entire Inner Thigh and my Entire Underarm? (photo)

Are Multiple Shots Needed in One Sitting? I received cortisone shots to my underarms and inner thighs for hard scar tissue. My doctor injected only one spot on each inner thigh and underarm. I have included pictures. Wouldn't multiple shots be needed to help the scar tissue in the entire thigh and underarm? The scar tissue covers the majority of my inner thigh but only one spot was injected.

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Injections for scar tissue

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In dermatology, we can inject a hypertrophic scar with a steroid called Kenalog.  We can dilute it based on the tissue that needs injecting.  The dilution can be concentrated and the results are variable.  I usually bring my patients back in one month to see the results.  I can inject them again (usually with a lower concentration), and repeat the process. 

Good luck and follow up!

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