Seizures after breast augmentation. Any suggestions?

I had under the muscle breast implants about 3 months ago and I also have nocturnal epilepsy. Once I'm having an episode my muscles get tense. I usually have one every 3 months and wanted to know if that would cause my implants to develop an issue later down the road. I have an appointment with my surgeon already scheduled. I will also ask him but it's 2 weeks away and I'm scared I may have one before then.

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Post Op Muscle Contractions

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By three months post op your implant pockets should be well-healed and contracting muscles wouldn't do damage, though it may cause soreness. I don't think you need to worry but do talk it over with your Plastic Surgeon.

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Seizures after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. It is unlikely that muscle contraction during the seizure would result in any adverse effects on your breast augmentation. At three months postoperatively, you're implants should have settled into their definitive position and it is unlikely that any excessive muscle contraction will result in a bad outcome. Relax, but be sure to discuss this with your surgeon at your upcoming visit.

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