Scheduled for breast reduction and lift. Want to know how cannabis oil will affect me?

Inhaling cannabis oil cig three or four puffs and 28 days later having breast reduction and lift surgery. None of the blogs I have read how long to wait before having major surgery such as this, after inhaling the oil. Also I am coughing more but it can be acid reflux. I didn't want to tell the doctor.

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Probably won't affect healing

It's always important to reveal smoking history as well as use of recreational drugs. Most doctors are concerned about how it would affect the outcome and don't make social judgments. That being said, if smoking makes you cough more, you're going to be much more sore after the surgery and it could disrupt the suture lines

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Inhaling cannabis oil-

Although the effects of cannabinoids are largely unknown on wound healing and may in fact decrease inflammation and promote some aspects of tissue healing, I would recommend stopping smoking of all forms a minimum 3 weeks before and 3 weeks after surgery.
Smoking cigarettes in addition to the incredibly detrimental effects of nicotine on wound healing produces particulate toxins which decrease lung function and oxygen delivery in addition to their vasoconstrictive properties... Smoking cannabis in any form produces some of these same effects.
If you must... perhaps very small amounts of edibles would be a safer alternative.
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