Are these scars normal 15 weeks after breast lift/implant replacement? (Photos)

I recently had a full mastoplexy and implant exchange silicone implants. I am concerned with my scars. I went ahead and had a dermapen treatment 2 weeks ago (per doctors recommendation) and they look the same/brighter. Will dermapen treatments help with these wide scars? I wore surgical tape for the first 4 weeks and then compression bra. Also, the breasts look uneven and nipples are not straight. Did my doctor do a good job? I'm not happy with the results. Please help!

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Revision Augmentation Mastopexy

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If we take a page from the teachings of Drs. Rigotti and Kouri, the Italian and American surgeons who are pioneering fat transfer and breast reconstruction, using multiple sharp needle pokes into a scar will release a scar, especially when it is done under expansion pressures. I would not have recommended a Dermapen for your scars that are already too wide; I believe that would only make them wider. Another thing I don't understand is why your areola are so much bigger. I could understand if you had a 'circum-vertical' lift or 'lollypop' lift, as those place excessive tension around the areola, typically making them expand. But you had a full lift with inframammary incisions, so there shouldn't be such expansion pressures on the areola. This makes me wonder if he intentionally made your areola large?  Another issue I have, and I see this all the time, is why use two different sized implants when you could've equalized the size of the soft tissue envelopes by reducing the larger breast during the full mastopexy?  Finally, one implant has dropped out of its pocket, kicking the soft tissue of the breast and the nipple upward.  Please go visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons that specialize in revision surgery of the breast. Best of luck.

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Widened scar.

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I don't think that your scars look good after your surgery and I can see why you aren't happy.  The only way that they will improve is with scar revision surgery, which should include the use of a non-absorbing suture to hold the tension, such as Goretex.

John Dean, MD
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Scar widening after breast augmentation with lift

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It appears that the scar widens due to tension on the skin.  Hence, when breast augmentation with lift is performed it becomes more important than ever to close the incisions with the least amount of tension on the wound and to use implants that are not overlarge. 

Scar revision might be considered. However, you may expect that your scar would improve (or mature) in 6-12 months. 

Good luck and best wishes. 

Tarick K. Smiley, MD
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Breast lift scars

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 Thank  you for the question and the photos.   Scar widening can result from the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift when there's too much tension on the incision .

 Scar revision may be needed if improvement with further healing is not noticed.  It will be important for the scar vision to include a permanent sutures such as a Gore-Tex around the Areola to prevent scar iddening again .

 Good luck with the remainder of your breast shaping journey .

Dr Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
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