What are the risks associated with a secondary rhinoplasty in an African American patient? (Photo)

I want to achieve a smaller tip and smaller rounded nostrils? Is this possible with a non surgical procedure?Is it possible to create a longer more refined elegant nose in a patient who initially started with a short flatter nose? Is this an unrealistic expectation? The third photo is that of a model but the look I'm hoping to achieve.

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Rhinoplasty Consultation

You would need a complete, in-person consultation and examination to determine the best recommendations for nasal enhancement. However, based on the limit photo images, you may require tip support, osteotomies, tip refinement and possible alar base reduction and other surgical techniques to achieve a natural result. Computer imaging studies, along with examination can determine if your goal as depicted with the model's photo is realistic. In my view, non-surgical options will likely not be the best route to consider for you. Hope this answer helps. 

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I have a short flat nose and would like a smaller tip and nostril, can this be approached non surgically?

Your goal is to have a nose completely different nose from your shorter flatter nose.  In my hand sonsurgical fills may add to the dorsum and tip, but this will no change the size of nostrils.

In my opinion the surgical approach should work best.  This would use an dorsum onlay graft, tip graft and nostril narrowing incisions.

Ernest Robinson, MD
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