I had a rhinoplasty in May of 2014. During that time, I had a hump removed and after a year it grew back.

I wasn't able to do surgery earlier due to being pregnant. I have now moved to another city and am wondering Normally how much is the cost of callus removal? I would like to get it down where i live now other than having to travel. Also, How long will I be bruised?

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My hump grew back

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Thank you for the question. It may be that your hump has regrown/callus formation, but usually this is from residual hump that is visible after a decrease in swelling that previously masked the residual hump or changes in tip projection that gives the appearance of a high profile. An in-person evaluation will help determine the most likely cause. If necessary, an adjustment of the profile can be performed. The amount of bruising, etc will depend on the technique indicated, but should not last more than a week. I hope this helps. Take care. 

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Cost to Remove Residual Nasal Hump

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The cost will depend on what needs to be done. For example, sometimes a residual hump can be removed by simply filing the excess but in other cases it is necessary to reposition the nasal bones. Consult with a rhinoplasty specialist who will examine you, discuss your options, and explain the fees. 

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Rhinoplasty: Can a hump grow back?

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A hump on the nose after a rhinoplasty may be due to a few reasons:1) The hump was not completely removed.2) The radix (region above the hump) settled down, revealing a hump3) A callus can form. 4) A loss of tip projection can make the bridge appear higher. I would recommend seeking a consultation from rhinoplasty expert who can examine your nose and determine the cause of your hump. The surgeon can present treatment options appropriate for a safe and happy outcomes. Safety comes first. 

Hump Grew back

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Although there are several reasons this may occur, the appearance of a "small" hump after rhinoplasty is not unusual.  If it is very small it can easily be taken down with a rasp.  Your original surgeon may be open to do this.
Good luck,
Fred G. Fedok, MD FACS

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