Revision Rhinoplasty to Improve Frontal View? (photo)

About 8 months ago I underwent a rhinoplasty to improve the Profile view of my face... Deprojection, Nasal hump reduction, reducing nasal spine. The profile is better, but the frontal view looks worse in my opinion (and also my family). I need an expert to help me figure out WHY it looks worse. A) Larger gap between nose and lip? If so, I'd rather fix w/ nose surgery than 'lip lift.' B) Nose too wide now? C) Nose upturned?? Lance Bass (celebrity) seems to have the same before/after results.

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Rhionoplasty results not liked.

To give a proper answer I would need to examine your nose and haveore views.  See an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon for the best result. 

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