How much is required to put down for the truSculpt procedure on upper/lower abdomen?

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Pricing Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatments

Naturally, you'll want to decide if the cost of a non-surgical treatment for fat reduction and skin tightening, like TRUSCULPT, is advantageous over the surgical costs of  liposuction. Keep in mind, though, that that procedure cannot ensure that the skin tightened, making TRUSCULPT a choice for other reasons.Like most other treatments, the cost will be based on some individual differences---the amount of the area  (circumference) and the amount of the fat that you wish to treat . An experienced Consultant can give you a good idea of how many treatments would be needed, and the amount of  placements which will dictate the cost. We find that the abdomen typically will need 3 treatments, because of the amount of fat in a larger area, vs say the back fat or even submental chin fat normally needing fewer passes of heat and fewer treatments.Plan on ~ $1000 or more for the best results.

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