Is it ok to remove gummy bear implants with local anesthesia and will my breast sag? (photo)

I will be removing breast implants under local anesthesia in 5 days. I have 450 cc textured over the muscle "gummy bear" implants. Im 26 yrs old, no children, and have only had them in for 5 weeks, will my skin retract to the way it was? I was a 36b and now a 36d by the way. Will i have saggy boobs? When they take out the implant will it have tissue attached to it since theyre textured? Or are they not attached yet since its only been 5 weeks... I just dont want the little tissue i have to be removed

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Is removal of textured breast implants possible under local anesthesia?

Personally I would prefer at least intravenous sedation if not general anesthesia to remove textured breast implants.  They can be quite adherent which requires at least force if not dissection to remove.  Hopefully your breasts will retract close to normal but if any breast tissue is removed during removal of the textured implant this could impact the result negatively.

If you're my patient I would suggestion all anesthesia.  Please discuss this clearly with your plastic surgeon.

#Explant - Breast Implant removal under local anesthesia.

In general, I would recommend that a procedure such as this be done with the availability of additional sedation if necessary.  It  may be possible to remove the implants under local anesthesia but, particularly if they are textured, they can become adherent to the tissue (which is what's supposed to happen) making their removal slightly more involved and potentially more uncomfortable.  And there is always the potential for unanticipated pain or bleeding.  The more cautious approach, if using local anesthesia alone, is to have a backup plan in place (ie do the procedure in a place where an anesthesiologist is available if needed).

As to your final result, it is impossible to predict exactly what you'll look like.  In general, though, the less time your implants have been in place the greater the likelihood your breasts will return to their preoperative appearance.  There are, of course, no guarantees.

But maybe you should speak with your plastic surgeon in detail before proceeding.  You presumably considered this for a long time before deciding to have the surgery; maybe giving it a little longer will ease the transition into your new shape?  That, though, is between you and your plastic surgeon.

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Is it ok to remove gummy bear implants with local anesthesia and will my breast sag?

I am sorry to hear about the need for additional surgery, this early after initial breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, online consultants will not be able to predict (with any degree of accuracy) how easily your breast implants can be removed under local anesthesia. Generally speaking, given that you are only 5 weeks out of surgery, it is likely that the procedure will be straightforward ( without significant capsule/scar formation). If in doubt, discuss other options with your plastic surgeon, including the use of oral/intravenous/general anesthesia. Also, given that your operation was done only 5 weeks old, it is most likely that your breasts will “bounce back” to their pre-surgery condition. Of course, it may take several months for this to occur. Best wishes; hopefully the procedure will be smooth/uneventful and you will be pleased with the long-term outcome.

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Explantation under local

Thank you for your picture. You're going to have some attachment to teach you to your textured implant. This may be slightly uncomfortable under local.  You will have some sagging of your breast. I would let everything heal for three months and then reevaluate whether any additional surgery such as a lift may be needed. Good luck.

I would recommend IV sedation.

You did not mention the reason for removal. Based on your attached picture you have sagging that most probably was there before surgery. Your breast will go back to before augmentation. I would recommend IV sedation or rib block 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Removing implants in ptotic breasts.

After 5 weeks, there has probably been some stretching of your skin and breast tissue. Removal of your implants may leave you with "saggy breasts" and could be closer to your pre-surgical appearance (photo not posted).
This discussion should be with your surgeon prior to your operation. If you are not comfortable with your options, you might consider a second opinion.
You might also discuss the need for a lift in the future with your plastic surgeon...
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