Pool swimming and running: I am 9 weeks from my tummy tuck and lipo.

Is it ok to run hard cardio like actual run run outside ... or threadmill?? And summers around the corner i know my belly button might not be yet completely healed!! As I can see its still very dark is it ok if I swim??

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Pool swimming and running: I am 9 weeks from my tummy tuck and lipo.

Thank you for the question. Your plastic surgeon will be in the best position to guide you in regards to activity resumption after tummy tuck surgery. From the healing standpoint most patients are able to swim again starting 3 to 6 weeks after surgery. You will want all incision lines to be completely healed.  You will also want to be mostly pain-free and free from concern such as muscle spasm. From the safety standpoint, much of the timing of returning to swimming will depend on exactly what you mean by “swimming”. For some people this means wading knee-high in shallow water;  for some people it may means swimming  long distances in choppy water.  For this reason, return to activities should be individualized and gradual. In other words, start slow and "listen to your body" as you gradually progress in intensity/duration of exercise. Best wishes.

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Nine weeks is a long time to be down after a tummy tuck.  However, if your doctor has limited your activity, by all means pay attention.  The prolonged limitation may mean there is something to be concerned about.  Of course, only your surgeon knows for sure and these concerns should have been shared with you.  Try to get the strait scoop from the doctor and don't forget that the nurse could be a great source of information as well.

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Activity after tummy tuck

Thanks for your inquiry.  It sounds like your surgeon may have reduced your activity because of wound healing issues with your umbilicus?  In most of my patients that have had a tummy tuck, I let them in the pool after six weeks if they have had an uncomplicated course.  A wound however would delay that.  Please check with your plastic surgeon and good luck.  

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Let your plastic surgeon guide you

You acknowledge that you have issues with your belly button. For this reason it is best that you let your surgeon guide you about your activity.

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Tummy Tuck - Post Op Exercise

Thank you for your question. Most patients are cleared to exercise by 6 weeks following tummy tuck surgery.  Given your delayed healing of your belly button, it is best to have an in-person follow up examination with your plastic surgeon for recommendations regarding what you should and should not be doing at this time. Good luck in your recovery.

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Exercise after tummy tuck

In our practice all wounds must be healed and it sounds like yours are not. Please check with your surgeon for best advice. Best wishes. Below is a fully healed tummy tuck at 2 months.

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