Pain, shrinking 2 years out (Photo)

I had a primary rhinoplasty in 2015. And my nose appears to be shrinking still. I continue to have pain in the tip, columella show which also shows veins, and alar retraction. In addition when I smile my nose tip points DOWN and looks severe. What can be done?

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Rhinoplasty changes

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Although the majority of changes will occur in the first year after your surgery, it is possible to continue to see changes in your nose after that time.  Pain is another story and is something you should discuss with your surgeon.  It sounds like there may be some contraction of scar tissue in the nose.  Finally, if you notice the tip pointing down when you smile, this is the normal action of the depressor septi muscle.  Often a small injection of Botox below the columella can soften this.

Pain, shrinking 2 years post Rhinoplasty

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Hi PrettyPrivleged,From the photos, it doesn't look like your nose is pointing down when you smile but since the photos has limitations, we cannot really give proper assessment. The main concern however is the pain. Usually during the first year of recovery, some degree of pain is normal, but at 2 years, it should be the case. Please consult your surgeon about this.

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