Why did my orthodontist say to change Invisalign trays every seven days when everyone else seems to change them every two weeks?

I wonder why my orthodontist told me to change my Invisalign trays every seven days instead of every two weeks. When I called his office to ask, I was told that's what he thinks is best for my treatment. I have 43 trays total, lasting about ten months and three weeks. I am concerned about this because I've read about the possibility of root absorption (or teeth falling out?) if the trays are changed too often. I would ask him but he's very busy & my next appointment is not until next month.

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Changing trays

Some orthodontists have Invisalign make twice as many trays as are needed in order to have the patient change the trays weekly.  In other words, if the original ClinCkeck says it will take 25 sets of aligners (changing them every two weeks), some doctors prefer to have Invisalign make twice as many trays (each aligner has one half of the movement as usual) and change them weekly.  The treatment time and end result is the same.Good luck!

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