Can my nostrils be corrected without a revision rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I am 8 months post op. I'm happy with the improvement, my nose was really quite bad before my surgery. I learned my best angles and I coped until I was in a position to get the procedure. While I am happy and do appreciate that it is a massive improvement, the fact that my nostrils are uneven really bothers me. My nostrils were not symmetric prior to my surgery either but I had hoped the surgery would correct this. Is this something that can be corrected? And how? Thank you!

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Post op nostril asymmetry

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It is best to get an opinion from your surgeon, as the results to date are quite stunning.  The nose seems to have a natural preop rotation of the nostrils.  More views from the up or worms eye position, and side views can be helpful as well to assess the issues.  A full rhinoplasty revision is not necessary, but a minor procedure to the left nostril to round it out could be offered.  A nice soft oval is the ideal shape to the nostrils in the front view,  Without further views, it is hard to speculate how much to do.   This is minor surgery.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Can my nostrils be corrected without a revision rhinoplasty?

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You will require a procedure to improve your nostril symmetry. However, I think what you're asking is whether this will be a small or a major procedure. The hanging portion of the soft tissue facet can be reduced with a brief in office procedure. So, yes, you would require a procedure but this should not be a full rhinoplasty revision. Downtime is typically 1-2 days after this type of procedure. I hope this information is helpful for you.
Stephen Weber MD, FACSDenver Facial Plastic Surgeon

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