Nose ruined from a primary rhino in 2011. Any advice on what is wrong, what can be done to fix my nose is appreciated. (photos)

I had a primary rhinoplasty (from a doctor here on real self) in 2011. Right away I knew something was wrong. One side of my tip of nose is higher than the other. I have a pointy knot at the very tip, it is so uneven I am ashamed to be seen in public. My left nostril is deformed and even the inside of it. Im pretty sure I also have a pollybeak deformity. My nostrils are uneven and I have scar tissue poking out inside my nostrils. It even hard to breathe. The tip of my nose is droopy.

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Nasal Deformity after Rhinoplasty

Thanks for your post. I know that it must be difficult to consider having additional nasal surgery when your first experience left you far short of your intended goals. Fortunately, though your case is rather complex, a well designed and planned open reconstructive rhinoplasty revision could significantly benefit your appearance and nasal obstruction. Consult with a Facial Plastic Specialist who performs complex revision rhinoplasty on a regular basis for an evaluation. Review his/her portfolio photos and have a complete examination. In my view, correction for your bridge, nasal bones saddle, tip droopiness, nostril/cartilage/scar malposition, tip deformity,  alar collapse, and supra-tip deformity should all be addressed at your appointment. Operative reports, photos and diagrams from your first surgery should be requested, if possible, as information in these records may help your specialist plan your surgery. I am glad you are seeking information about revision as there is no need to live with your current situation when help is available. 

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Cosmetic and Functional Problems after Rhinoplasty

It is obvious that you have multiple problems after your previous surgery which can be corrected and improved with a revision rhinoplasty which is more difficult than a primary. Carefully select a revision specialist who devotes most of their practice to this procedure.

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Sorry to hear about this.

Undoubtedly you'd need a revision to correct these problems. I usually make a couple of morphs when I'm answering questions like this, to show what could be possible in a revision, but the photos you posted aren't quite good enough to give a good assessment of what's going on. See the "Web reference" link, just below my response. At the *very* bottom of that page is information on how to take photos that are useful for an online consultation like this.

That page also gives good information on how to know whether you've checked out your surgeon well enough. Maybe read that section, too.

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