Muscles tight enough? Feel large from side when relaxed but love the look when I flex and engage core. Is this normal? (Photos)

After TT and MR I love the look of my profile when I flex and engage my core, but when I relax, it looks large to me. Is this normal or should it be tighter? More info: Im 5'3 and weight 132. I had a large weight loss (92lbs) after 2 pregnancies with 9lbs babies. My muscles were VERY gapped out. I could feel my aorta when I laid down and felt for my diastases recti. I was constantly asked if I was pregnant. My tummy certainly looks better but could it be tighter safely?

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Is my tummy tight enough?

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Thanks for your inquiry and pictures, bur without an exam it is hard to advise.  I suggest you discuss your concern with you surgeon and maybe even get another opinion.   It may be important to review if there is any mechanical reason for the pooching like a prominent uterus/fibroids, etc;  or if you are having a functional swelling from intestinal swelling.  Good Luck.  

Core tightening

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When a tummy tuck is done we can tighten one layer of your abdominal muscles-the rectus abdominus-and correct the separation or diastasis.  But the other layers, obliques, are hard to tighten surgically.  It is unlikely that any further surgical correction would be helpful.  Discuss with your surgeon, if you are far enough post op you could try to tighten up your core with excercise (ugh).  You look like you have a very nice result, good luck, Jane. 

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