How do I make my mouth wider? I do not mean fuller/bigger lips, give me some options here I'm desperate

I won't upload a photo but you know the actress Amy Schumer? My mouth is just the slightest bit smaller than hers. I don't want lip injections I don't care about that, but even before I transitioned (I'm trans), my mouth was what I felt worst about esp. since smaller mouths are more feminine (and whenever i complained about it that was the consolation I got), now after years of testosterone there is still nothing that holds me back like my mouth. I'm very desperate so no measure is too far.

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Lip Surgery

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Thank you for your question. Fat injections are a long-term and natural solution for achieving wider and fuller lips. Lip lift techniques are also a permanent solution for addressing specific spots of your lips. Always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

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