One month post breast augmentation breast got numb ? (photos)

So its been about one month or 5-6 weeks since my breast augmentation I notice nybbreast feel really tight when I wake up. I also noticed the bottom half of my breast has gone numb ? This Is a new symptom I just noticed today and I'm a little concerned. I have not worked out yet I massage my breast often I am also afraid of capsular contraction .

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Still early

Your implants will continue to settle and soften for a few more months.  The numbness of the lower part of your breast along the fold is typical and will slowly improve over around eighteen months.  Please check with your surgeon regarding return to unrestricted exercise in regards to limitations and timing.  Capsular contracture is uncommon but if you do not develop it within the first year, it is unlikely to occur.  Massage to prevent contracture is a traditional recommendation but it is not proven to do so in my opinion.

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