Mixing AHA with ascorbic acid and aczone.

An article says don’t mix AHA with VIT C because it will increase redness and peeling. is this true? Another article says AHA and Vit. C together will cause the VIT C to destabilize and be ineffective. is this true? can aczone be layered with aha and or vit c or green tea?

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Combinations of medications

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Hello, and thank you for your question! Unfortunately, without knowing more about your skin, this is a very hard question to answer. Some people can use Retinoids, AHAs and Vitamin C all at the same time and they look fabulous. Other people - those with thinner and more sensitive skin - will experience peeling and irritation if they try a regimen like that.However - you should not layer a retinoid with a Vitamin C - because Vitamin C is used in the daytime and Retinoids and used at night. AHAs will neutralize on your skin - you can apply other products when the tingling from the AHA has subsided, or after you rinse it off if it is in cleanser form. I hope this helps!

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