Can medical insurance help offset the cost of elective plastic surgery? Ex: scar revision & tummy tuck or lipo? (Photo)

History of colon cancer left my stomach in an undesirable shape. I'm hoping that my insurance offers coverage for some form of revision in addition, I'd like to add on a couple of elective procedures. I hope insurance can/will set off some of the cost.

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Some insurance companies do cover scar revision

If the scar is depressed and causing a functional problems or pain due to its appearance or location, your insurance carrier may cover the cost of the revision. I would check with them, send photos, and have a plastic surgeon write a letter of medical necessity, if he thinks it's warranted. Good luck

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Elective cosmetic surgery and Insurance coverage

Hi, MahduKin

Although insurance may cover for the scar revision portion of the surgery, any other cosmetic (elective) procedures such as liposuction or tummy tuck will not be covered by your insurance.  Please consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goal and to learn about your surgical options to achieve your goal.

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Insurance coverage


It is worth speaking with a board certified Plastic Surgeon about your scarring in person and speaking with your primary care physician about your needs and goals to see if they can assist you. Anything strictly cosmetic such as a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction would not be covered. On the plus side, through careful technique in the hands of an experienced surgeon, your existing scarring could be much improved when you plan for a Tummy Tuck. You will need an exam and detailed consult.

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Insurance coverage

Hi, thanks for your question and congrats on winning your battle against colon cancer. 

Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to get insurance to cover these types of procedures. Occasionally, they will cover revision of a "tethered scar" if you can show that the scar is causing you pain and discomfort. But for the most part, what you're desiring will likely not be covered. 

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Dr. Blagg

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Insurance and cosmetic procedures

Thanks for your inquiry, sorry for your struggles. From pictures,  I do not see any scars that insurance would help cover, and they rarely help for even the most extreme scarring circumstances.  If you have hernia, which I hope you do not,  insurance does cover hernia repairs.  Please discuss with a board certified plastic surgeon.  

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Insurance and cosmetic procedures

Thank you for your question. Insurance will in no way cover or offset costs related to cosmetic surgery. However, some facilities will reduce their facility fees for cosmetic procedures if combined with an insurance covered procedure. For example, a facility may reduce the fees related to a tummy tuck if the tummy tuck is performed at the same time as a hysterectomy. Hope this helps. Best wishes!

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Insurance coverage

Insurance only covers procedures for functional medical necessity and that does not include cosmetic surgery.  Occasionally, they will pay for release of a contracted scar but not for abdominoplasty. There is no offset against cosmetic fees; an operative report must reflect what actually occurred in the OR or fraud charges can be brought against the surgeon.  

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