How can I maximize my bbl fat ?

What can I do to maximize my fat life on my bbl any tips or tricks since I will have to sit probably on a recliner? How should I sit ? My board certified plastic surgeon is a experienced Doctor. I'm having a tummy tuck as well as a breast augmentation done

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How to maximize the results after a BBL combo procedure

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In our practice, we work closely with patients to maximize results that they can achieve after a BBL procedure. It is common to perform a BBL with other plastic surgery procedures but the patient and the surgeon have to form a close partnership to understand the procedures and how the patient will recover afterwards. Every plastic surgery procedure requires different techniques during covering. Some of these plastic surgery procedures, may require opposing techniques, positions, compression modalities, etc. Have a long discussion with your plastic surgeon beforehand and ask very specific questions about how you will be sitting, how you will be sleeping, how you will be eating, how you will shower, how you will go to the bathroom and the quantity and frequency of the activity that he or she recommends after the procedure. Best of luck with your wonderful transformation.

BBL with mommy makeover

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I always recommend a very soft cushion/pillows.  recliner or bed-flexed is the required position after a tt.  as long as you have something soft to sit on, then it will be fine.  I've done so many, and I have found that it doesn't matter.  as long as the buttocks are on something soft.  HARD seats or very stiff car seats for extended amounts of time are the problem.  good lumbar support decreases the low back pain. so put a soft small pillow there to support your lower back.

I would also encourage you to discuss these questions and concerns with your PS.  we all have some mild differences in postop recover.  

Hope that helps and best wishes on your upcoming surgery!
Dr. Morales
ABPS Board Certified
Houston, Tx

Rolando Morales Jr, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Combined procedures

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It will be challenging for you to avoid pressure to your hip and buttock area since you are having a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and fat transfer to the buttock. You will need a combination of pillows and cushions to minimize pressure on the fat cells. You may also need to sleep on your side for a few weeks as well; discuss this in greater detail with your plastic surgeon before surgery.

Best wishes,


William Bruno, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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How can I maximize my bbl fat ?

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It is always a little more difficult to keep pressure off of your buttocks if you have a combined BBL and TT especially if fat is injected in both hips too. Your options are to lay on your sides with equal time to each side, but this is difficult if you are also having a breast augmentation. Other options are to get creative with special pillows made for post BBL. I even had one patient's husband build her a special chair out of an old lawn chair where he cut a hole out for her buttocks and cushions the egde of the hole with foam.

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