Lowering breast fold and double bubble.

I have small breasts and I am getting BA only from a 34a/b to a c and my surgeon is lowering my breast crease because I have a low nipple and slightly cone shaped breasts because of how high my fold sits naturally. Should I worry about a double bubble effect or worry about seeing my old crease still?

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Lowering Breast Fold?

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Photos would be helpful answering your question, but in general a surgeon may consider lowering the fold or crease when the distance from your nipple to your natural fold is too short to allow for a natural looking breast following augmentation. In that situation, if the fold is not lowered (increasing the distance from nipple to new fold), then your implant will sit too high relative to your nipple with too much upper fullness and a downward tilted nipple. 

When the breast fold or crease is lowered it can increase the risk of developing a double bubble. In some situations the risk is low and for some breast shapes it is higher. To some extent it is determined by how high and tightly defined the fold is. There are techniques for modification of the lower pole tissues to help minimize the risk of getting a DB. If your surgeon is proposing to do this then presumably they know how to do this while minimizing the risk of DB. Obviously no one wants to develop a DB but the alternatives are also not attractive.

Lowering Folds

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Drastic lowering of folds can lead to the appearance of a double bubble where the old crease remains constricted. If you have tuberous constriction, radial scoring and releasing that constriction during breast augmentation should allow the tissue to round out naturally in the lower pole. Talk with your Plastic Surgeon about their Plan to address this concern.

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Lowering creases

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Thanks for your inquiry.  It is impossible to predict the future, but aggressive lowering of creases increases the potential risk of implant show/double bubble. Creases are adjusted to create symmetry, improve shape, and accommodate size.  Please discuss the risk-reward in you particular case with your surgeon and good luck.  

Lowering IMF and double bubble deformity

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There is certainly more risk of developing a double bubble deformity when the inframammary fold (IMF) is lowered excessively; however, small corrections in the IMF are commonly performed without such deformities. A photo would be very helpful. It may be better to perform a slight lifting of the areola through a circumareolar approach rather than significantly lowering the IMF. Please select "triple A" breast surgeons-1.  American Board of Plastic Surgery certified, 2. Aesthetic Society members (American Society of Aesthetic Surgery) and 3. Accredited Facilities.

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