Is it normal to have love handles after a tummy tuck? (Photo)

Should I still get thick love handles 5 months after my tummy tuck when I am sitting down or was my surgery a failure?

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Love handles after a tummy tuck

Hi, JazguesalIn-person examination will be needed to evaluate your surgical outcome better.For most of my tummy tuck, I combine the surgery with liposuction of the waists and flanks; therefore, "love handles" should not be present afterwards.  However, when a person bends or sits down, he/she will notice more excess skin.Please talk with your plastic surgeon and discuss your concern.  Depending on the examination of your body, he/she can recommend a further options address your problem.Best regards.

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The Causes Of Love Handles After A Tummy Tuck

I commonly pair liposuction with the tummy tuck procedures that I perform to help diminish the love handles that you are describing. In order to truly understand why you are facing this issue, you will want to start by finding out if liposuction was or was not performed during your procedure. Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to determine this by simply looking at the provided images. Therefore, I would recommend close follow up with your surgeon, as he/she will be the best at helping you determine a proper solution for your concerns. Good luck!

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