How Long Should U Wait to Sit Down After a Bbl?

Just had surgery August 1 2013 I put a roll pillow to b able to sit at wrk n drive hm how long do I need to wait to b able to sit?

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Protecting the Fat Grafts with BBL

Every surgeon has his/her protocol for protection of the fat grafts after surgery.  I recommend no direct sitting on the buttocks for 3 weeks.

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How long should one wait to sit down after BBL?

Every surgeon has a different idea and protocol about this. I used to tell my patients not to sit for 7-10 days, but in the last few years I do not place any restrictions on sitting. This means sitting upright and not sloaching. I often combine BBL with body contouring such as an abdominoplasty and the results are just as good long term. See a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in advanced body  contouring for a consultation. Good luck.

How Long Should U Wait to Sit Down After a Bbl?

               Every surgeon will have a different idea on this, and I think that you should just email or call your surgeon.  This is what I do with my patients if they have a question like this.  I try to be available to them both before and after surgery. 


Kenneth Hughes,. MD Los Angeles, CA

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