How Long to Correct a Cross-bite and Overbite with Braces?

My mom said I'll need braces (since the invisalign didn't work out). Everyone says I'll probably have to have braces for about 6-10 months, but I've read online that they take about 1-2 years & my friends who have had braces before said they've had them for 2 years, but their teeth were much worse than mine. My dentist says I have a cross-bite and slight overbite but hasn't told me yet how long I would have to have them in. So I wanted to ask professionals so I could stop freaking out.

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Cross bite correction with braces

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Hi Sarah,

From your photos it appears that you have a cross bite on your left side.  It seems that your lower jaw is shifted slightly to your left.  This is usually caused by a narrow upper jaw, so conventional braces should expand your upper jaw wide enough to correct the cross bite.  It may not take two years but at least a year.  Good luck!

Columbus Dentist

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