How long will it be before I would be able to pick up my kid?? She is 1yo about 20#

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The question is difficult to answer without more information.  If I put the implants below the muscle, I like to have muscle rest for at least two weeks.  I ask my mothers to have someone place the child on your lap.  After that, gentle lifting is OK.  I am a little more liberal with mothers of young children than those who don't have that to be concerned about.  
When the implants are above the muscle, I'm way more liberal.  In that case, I move everything up a week.  So after a week I allow gentle lifting of 20#.
However, your surgeon's experience with this issue is much more important than what any of us have to say.  Trust your doctor and do what he/she recommends.  Only the person who did the surgery knows of any special considerations.

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Follow your plastic surgeons recovery guidelines

Each plastic surgeon has slightly different protocol regarding lifting children following elective surgery, so I do recommend visiting with him or her. The time frame will most likely vary depending on the procedure. I also recommend that my patients have some help with small children for the first few days post-operatively.

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It’s typically recommended to avoid any heavy lifting for 2 to 4 weeks post-op.

Every plastic surgeon has a slightly different set of guidelines for breast augmentation recovery, and each person’s body is also going to heal at a different rate. For these reasons, it’s difficult to suggest an exact amount of time that you should wait to pick up your daughter. Generally speaking, it’s not recommended that you try to lift 20 pounds before the 2- to 4-week mark of your recovery. However, you should always follow your plastic surgeon's specific recovery guidelines.

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Lifting after Breast Augmentation

The answer to your question is not a straightforward one.  It depends on whether your implants are submuscular or not.  Typically I tell my patients two to three weeks for submuscular BA, but it is more important to not stretch the muscle or contract it violently since these actions are what usually cause bleeding.  

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4 weeks

Probably a good idea to keep lifting to a minimum until four weeks.
My routine protocol involves keeping lifting to less than a gallon of milk for 4 weeks.
At two weeks, can ride a stationary bike, three weeks can jog, and four weeks start with weights again with a gradual increase and slow return.
Any heavy lifting can result in pain or bleeding.

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How long will it be before I would be able to pick up my kid?? She is 1yo about 20#

Your surgeon will be the best person to answer this question for you.

In my practice I asked my breast augmentation patients to not lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for the first 2 weeks after surgery.  You will experience some discomfort lifting  if your implants had been placed underneath the chest muscle for probably 3 weeks postop.

Breast augmentation

 Hello and thank you for your question. Every surgeon has a different philosophy about how patients should behave after their surgery. Your surgeon would be the best person to give advice on this. If you are unsure of what he is expecting you to do following your procedure I would clarify this. It will also be important to have help available for your children immediately after your surgical procedure.

I wish you the best of luck
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How long will it be before I would be able to pick up my kid after breast augmentation?

 Thank you for the question. Generally, I ask my patients not to lift for the first 2-4 weeks.   In practical terms, sometimes patients "need to do what they need to do";  it will be important that you use good body mechanics and avoid straining the pectorals major muscle.   Your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource for more specifics. Best wishes.

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When can I pick up children

Your chosen plastic surgeon will be the best resource for this answer since it's not really based in science only in a gut feeling and experience. Usually we wait 6 weeks for sustained contraction of the chest wall.Hope this is helpful.

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