Best laser for skin tightening on abdomen after children? Is it a 1-time session or are multiple needed. (photos)

I have 3 kids, 33 years old. 5'4 and 111 lbs. I work out. I know different offices have different lasers so I want to do my research. I am hard to please, I know, but as long as I am informed I'm ok. I am fine standing tall but as soon as I bend down, I get loose skin piling up. I want tightened as much as possible without surgery. What is the best laser on the market currently? I know technology improves every year so I just want to make sure I don't go in for an outdated procedure :-)

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VASER Hi Definition Liposuction / Body Contouring -- VANQUISH/Cellutone, Exilis Ultra, Venus Legacy, Sculpsure/Coolsculpting

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You really need a formal consultation, most women after kids are best treated with liposuction/skin removal, but non invasive tightening, fat reduction procedures can be performed.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Skin tightening

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Thanks for the question and picture.  I would recommend ThermiTight treatment for you.  This would provide controlled heating underneath the skin to provide tightening.  Also, the device is able to target fibrous connections between the skin and fascia as well as subcutaneous fat.  This treatment is a one-time session and can be performed under local anesthesia.  I encourage you to look up ThermiTight on Realself as well as online.  (Our office has a machine, but we do not have any financial interest or incentive from the company).  Have a blessed day!

Soumo Banerji, MD
Houston Physician

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