I'm interested in getting a double eyelid surgery. Do I need to find a board certified plastic surgeon?

Is Asian double eyelid surgery any different than normal blepharoplasty surgery? I've already had double eyelids on my both eyes but my eyelids start to shape differently as I age. I'm Asian and when I show my non-Asian friends about my eyelid droopiess they don't know what I'm talking about, not even mention "double eyelids". I think i just need the surgeon to create a deeper crease on my eyelids and remove some fat on the lids. Do I need to find a broad certified Plastic Surgeon to perform this surgery?

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Asian eyelid surgery

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Correction of the "double eyelid" in the Asian population requires a special expertise. A knowledge of the anatomy and what procedures is very important and you should chose a board certified facial plastic or oculoplastic surgeon with experience in correction of the "double eyelid".  You certainly can have a deeper crease on your upper eyelid.  Hope this helps answer your question.

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There are several types of plastic surgeons who offer eyelid surgery.

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They very in precisely how they are trained and a particular type of training does not guarantee the type and quality of the surgery they do. 

General plastic surgery- often referred to as board certified plastic surgeons.  This is a very broad surgical field.  The training included several years of training in surgery and then a two or three year residency in plastic surgery.  Do to the broad training, general plastic surgeons vary profoundly in how they are trained and what they are good at.  They are not as deeply trained is speciality areas compared to subspecialty trained plastic surgeons.

Facial plastic surgery-otolarygologists who finish residency and do additional training in facial plastic surgery.  They do not get much exposure to body wall surgery compared to general plastic surgery.  However, the do have extensive training in facial surgery including rhinoplasty.

Oculofacial surgery-opthalmologists who finish residency and do addition training in oculofacial surgery.  These surgeons receive extensive training in eyelid procedures and have also extensive training in other areas of facial plastic surgery including facelifts, rhinoplasty depending on the details of the particular fellowship training they do.

Dermatologic surgery-dermatologists who finish residency and do additional training in dermatologic surgery which can include cosmetic surgery and generally significant training in nonsurgical and minimally invasive cosmetic skin treatment.

While many of these specialities offer eyelid surgery, the oculofacial surgeons have the most extensive training in these procedures.  However, the type of training a surgeon has had is just a starting point.  You need to find surgeons who perform double fold surgery and you need to carefully look at their work and make sure that it makes sense to you.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Double eyelid blepharoplasty

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Thank you for your question. The anatomy of the asian eyelid may be different than the occidental eyelid, and the surgical techniques can vary.  I would highly recommend that you consult with a surgeon who specializes in asian blepharoplasty, or the double-eyelid blepharoplasty.  

Paul Nazemi, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

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