How can I best protect my incision area whenever I do the surgery?

How can I best protect my incision area whenever I do the surgery? (I'm a few days away). After seeing some posts on this site, I want to do as much as I can to avoid an infection. I will also ask my doctor and get his suggestion. Are there things I need to buy and apply? Are there things/lotions/soaps/etc I should avoid? Thanks in advance!

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Peri-operative care

Hi, Joyuel127Your plastic surgeon should give you the pre and post-op instruction in regards to incisional care, surgery, and recovery.  Each plastic surgeon has different surgical techniques and post-op protocol.I ask my patients to wash with antibacterial soap (before and after surgery), prep (clean) the surgical area, and give pre and post-antibiotics.  I also ask my patients to not smoke, avoid trauma, and to keep the incision clean and dry. Once the incision is healed, I provide scar cream.Please talk with your plastic surgeon for his/her recommendation.  You should also follow up with your plastic surgeon regularly after surgery so that he/she can monitor your recovery.Best wishes.

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Wound Care Following Breast Augmentation

As a plastic surgeon who specialized in burns and wound care while in the military, I now follow protocols that have proven successful for the majority of the patients I've seen since going into private practice over 25 years ago. Most surgeons have their own preferences, and ask that their patients follow them so they can appropriately monitor recovery. Some believe in the use of steri-strips, for example, while others cover incisions with gauze only. You will receive detailed instructions at your pre-operative visit, where it will address what you should and shouldn't do for your particular surgery procedure. 

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How can I best protect my incision area whenever I do the surgery?

Since you have already chosen a surgeon it is of utmost importance you follow that surgeon's advice and not that of someone who has never seen you, has no idea of your medical history and not even any idea of the specific surgery you are having. Your doctor will have a protocol for wound care and will communicate that to you. 

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Would management after surgery

Hello,  thank you for your question.  Taking care of wound after surgery is an important part of the recovery.  Most of the PS might have different protocols for wound management but in general the wound should be clean,  dry and sometimes the use of local cream antibiotics will help.  Have a great day. 

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How can I best protect my incision area whenever I do the surgery?

Best to ask your operating surgeon since everyone may have a slightly different postop protocol. I typically just have my patients keep the area clean and dry (steri strips are applied on top of the incisions) and wash around the strips with soap and water qdaily. Good luck!

Farah Naz Khan, MD
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