How many inches should I expect to lose during TT? Also should I loosen up bound fascia on my tummy before surgery? (Pohto)

I'm 5'3 and weigh 138 (lost 87lbs!) I have 29 inch waist (right above belly button) and 37.5 hips. I am constantly approached by strangers who ask if I am pregnant. I have pretty large ab separation and excess skin. I'm wondering how many inches around my tummy I should expect to lose with a TT? Do U think my breasts should stick out further than my stomach after? Also, I have what's called a fascia blaster, that helps loosen up bound fascia. Should I use this to help aid the TT before surgery?

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How many inches should I expect to lose during TT?

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TT can remove abdominal fat and skin and allow tightening of the underlying muscles. Depending on the amount of skin to be removed, the amount of fat behind your muscles, it is not possible to say with confidence as to how many inches you will lose around the waist. It is always best to have a consultation with your surgeon. 

How many inches will I lose with a TT?

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Dear CC,

Thank you for your question and photos.
You should look forward to having all of the skin from your pubis to your belly button removed. So,  most of your stretch marks should be removed, but not all. It appears you have marked diastasis recti, but only an in office exam can determine that for certain. If you are done with pregnancies, I suggest you undergo a TT with mesh reinforcement to correct the laxity in your muscles and fascia. Use of mesh in this area is safe as it has been used for many years in general and reconstructive surgery. The mesh acts as an internal girdle that re-establishes your core to a pre - pregnancy state. It also helps contour your waistline without the extra cost of liposuction to create a cinched appearance.
I hope this helps.
Best wishes and kind regards,
Gary Horndeski M.D.

Difficult to say how many inches you will lose

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It all depends on the laxity of the muscles. After much of the bulges due to muscle laxity that by tightening the muscles you'll notice a more significant change. If the problem is just loose skin and underlying fat, you will also lose additional inches. Your fascia blaster is just a waste of time. It's just a gimmick.

Tummy Tuck Results

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Thank you for the photos and questions. Congratulations on the weight loss! Tummy tuck surgery is the final stage to help you get the body you want. The operation will improve the shape or contour of your tummy but it is not possible to predict how many inches you will lose around the waist. The relation between your breast and tummy contour will be improved but cannot predict if your breasts will stick out further than your stomach after the tummy tuck. You might be a candidate for breast surgery as well to get the curves you desire. I would not recommend the fascia blaster. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to learn about your options and best of luck!

Inches Lost, Shape Gained

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You do have a lot of muscle laxity, and could expect to lose several inches off your waistline measurement.  But the results are not gauged by inches alone...creating a  pleasing curve and transition from hips to waist to buttocks and even your back  are the most important parts of getting a pretty result.

How many inches should I expect to lose during Tummy Tuck?

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Thank you for the question. As you can imagine, there is no "standard" number of inches lost after surgery given that every patient who undergoes tummy tuck surgery is different. Factors that come into play when it comes to answering your question include: overall body type, degree of muscle separation and adequacy of repair (plication), type of tummy tuck surgery performed, amount of adipose tissue present, quantity/quality of life is such an surgery performed, post operative maintenance of diet/exercise program…

My best suggestion: select your plastic surgeon carefully. Ask to see lots of examples of similar patients and evaluate their outcomes. Doing so you may be able to achieve a level of expectation that is realistic.

Best wishes.

Waist size is not predictable

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There is no way to make predictions in inches. Wait and see.  There is no merit to fascia blasters. Do not waste your time with such devices.

Full tummy tuck with muscle reconstruction will give you an excellent outcome

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Based on these photographs you appear to be an excellent candidate for a full tummy tuck with muscle reconstruction. This will flatten the muscles, reconstruct your core muscular corset, revise the belly button, eliminate the stretch marks from the belly button to the pubic hairline, and remove the loose skin and fat of the anterior abdomen. You need the fascia to be strong and intact, not busted up!!! The tightening of the muscular corset depends on the strength of the fascia that the sutures are being placed in.  The stronger the fascia, the tighter the plication, the flatter the stomach the more inches...Then your breasts stick out further than your abdomen.

How many inches will I lose after tummy tuck

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Hello and thank you for your question. Congratulations on your weight loss. The answer is a significant amount. Lay on your back and sucking in your tummy then measure your waistline.
Would not use fascia buster.
Peter Fisher M.D 

How many inches should I expect to lose during TT? Also should I loosen up bound fascia on my tummy before surgery?

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Depends upon the degree of MR done in the TT. Best to ask your chose surgeon about the Fascia Blaster, I would say NO because it might increase blood flow to area thus causing more bleeding during and after surgery.

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