Is it more important to find a great dentist or the best dental lab for cosmetic dentistry? (photos)

My dentist and I were having some communication issues and he decided it would be best to have me speak to Bob Clark, owner of Williams Dental Lab, who would be designing my teeth. What a gift. Bob contacted me to discuss my specific goals and helped me understand the process and any limitations. He even sent me pictures of the veneers to address any concerns. The key to success is a dentist that partners with a Dental lab like WDL, who uses the best materials combined with aesthetic artistry.

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Which is more important, the dental lab or the dentist #DrSarahThompson

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Finding the right dentist is by far the most important part.  That's because if the dentist really knows what s/he is doing, then they will know which lab to use.  I use several of the top dental labs in the United States.  I hope this helps.

Great labs and a great dentist

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Of all of the dental labs out there, we use Bob Clark, and a few other high end labs, depending on the case type, as well.  A great dentist will always work with great labs.

Is it more important to find a great dentist or the best dental lab for cosmetic dentistry?

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That is a really good question. Get wonderful results with aesthetic work is a complement by the laboratory and aesthetic specialist. To achieve this, both the doctor and the laboratory should know as it is understood teamwork. If the aesthetic does not take impressions and corresponding forms of your mouth, the laboratory will fail to do a good job so well if the laboratory does not perform veneers according to the instructions of the aesthetic doctor. 
Good luck!

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