Would implants be appropriate for supra-orbital/frontal process/ glabella region?

What are my options for augmenting this area? Are fillers, fat grafts appropriate? If so, how much of a difference would it show?

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Brow Bone Augmentation Options

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Depending upon the degree of brow bone augmentation desired and the permanency of itseffects, the options include either an injectable approach (synthetic fillers or fat) and the use of an implant. Historically the use of an implant, which always creates the best shape and is permanent, has required a full open scalp incision to place it. But newer brow bone augmentation techniques are available that use an endoscopic approach for placement of a performed brow bone implant. The use of custom fabrication of a brow bone implant based on the patient's specific anatomy offers an optimal brow bone augmentation technique.

Treatment of supra orbital depression etc.

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Treatment of supra orbital depression etc. requires photos to accurately see the area in order to give a proper answer. 

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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