Got implant removed due to infection(swollen breast,temperature etc) and about 2 weeks after I'm leaking from my breast. (photo)

He said it wasnt anything until green liquid was pouring out of my breast which was removed. 2 weeks later i start leaking it was light bright water down red now its this. There has been many complications and i feel like im bothering them. I called and they told me that im not applying enough pression when putting the gauge/dressing. The nurse said its like when i get blood drawn out you put a tight band aid and it stops...ive been like this for 2 weeks now. Help?! Advice? Thanks

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Drainage after implant explantation

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Sorry to hear your problems following breast augmentation.
You should not feel like you are "bothering them" when you are having a problem.
It is not normal to have a drainage for two weeks following explantation.
Please visit your plastic surgeon in-person so that he/she can assess your concern. 
Good luck with your recovery.

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