I have done traditional Lipo 10 years ago. Now I am think of Smart Lipo. I need to know if any risk doing again?

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Smart Lipo

If you are a healthy person, there is little risk with secondary liposuction.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who is highly experienced for an in person exam.

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Smart LIPo after traditional Lipo

Secondary  liposuction is not unusual. Generally there is scar tissue present so A procedure using either ultrasonic energy or light energy like smart Lipo will give a better result . The amount of scar tissue that is present underneath the skin cannot be determined very well before surgery. The results of the secondary revision are often very gratifying but it is possible they can be disappointing due to excessive scar tissue that has formed.  Your best option is to seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who is very experienced in liposuction 

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It is fine to do Smartlipo in an area that previously had traditional liposuction

i have done this numerous times. there is more scarring and it is a bit more difficult but you should do fine. Most likely when you had your traditional liposuction done many years ago, you were done under general anesthesia in an operating room and needed 5-7 days off from work. 

i have done over 620 Smartlipo cases in my office, with local anesthetic and just oral sedation and you can return to work the very next day. You can resume exercising in 5 days. 

remember that you will continue to improve from your Smartlipo for 6 months. If you want your best results, you should increase your exercising and be a bit stricter with your diet.

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There is no absolute contraindication to revisionary liposuction. However, patients must understand the consequences of re-operaitng in a field which has been treated previously.

Although not apparent externally, liposuction creates internal scarring between the layers of skin and subcutaneous fat. This scarring can complicate any revisionary surgery. Ultimately, it may limit the fat yield and the final aesthetic result.

As always, discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Smartlipo after Liposuction.

After 10 years, most of the scar tissue generated by your original liposuction should have resolved.  Although performing liposuction revisions is usually a little harder, you should be fine getting Smartlipo now.

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What are the risks of liposuction revision with smart lipo?

If you've had liposuction previously and wish to have a repeat liposuction on the same areas, your surgeon will need to deal with scar tissue in these areas. Scar tissue forms in the fat layers after any surgery and increases the risk of skin wrinkling after revisionary lipo. However, excellent results can be achieved in many cases. A consultation would be needed to make an accurate assessment of your situation.

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