I had surgery to repair my left eyelid on July 8th 2016 and it feels as if there's no improvement. (Photo)

How long before I see some major improvement? How long before I can Play Sports or wash my eyelid gently? Although I am not sure if it has healed completely because it feels stiff to close my eye completely, Will I need a revision?

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Upper lid surgery

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We need to see a before picture.  I am assuming you had a ptosis of that lid.  The lid height is pretty good.  You have a much deeper sulcus on that side so it appears hollow and looks different from the other side.  Once you are healed more some filler to the upper sulcus will help to provide some volume so it won't look so hollow.  Unfortunately if you have a congenital ptosis on one side it is very hard to achieve perfect symmetry. 

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