I Have a Square Bottom Breast and a Round Bottom Breast, is This Normal? Will It Get Round Again? (photo)

I am 5 weeks post breast lift surgery. My breasts looked pretty similar before surgery. After surgery they look totally different. One nipples faces one way, the other looks the other way. One has a round nipple, the other weird shaped. But, what bothers me most is the scar on each and how different the scars are. One is much longer and higher, and also, one seems like my skin is pinched and the bottom is a weird square shape. One is nice and round with a beautiful scar. Will this get fixed itself?

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Square bottom breast

Thank you for the question and the photos. It is too early to determine the shape of the breast and the outcome of the surgery. My advice for you is to wait for 6-8 months before deciding on doing any revision surgery. During TNT time you need to address your concerns with your plastic surgeon and follow all the post operative instructions. Best wishes.

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Uneven scars

Thanks for your inquiry and pictures.  It is very early from surgery and many changes to come.  What I would advise you to do is to speak frankly to your surgeon about your concerns and ask him/her how to create symmetry and even scar, ie massage or scar management.  Each of us have different protocols.  Good luck.

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5 weeks is too early to see your final results, it takes 6-9 month for you to see improvement and everything to settle into place. Make sure you keep your Post op apt with your surgeon.


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I Have a Square Bottom Breast and a Round Bottom Breast, is This Normal? Will It Get Round Again? (photo)

Thanks for the posted photos. Still very early in healing to comment. If after 3 months still unhappy seek in person opinions. 

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