I have two root tips in my gums from two teeth that fell out that were under my caps. I was born with no lateral teeth

my lateral tooth I've never had so Ive had a three tooth bridge on each side since I was 18 I'm now 39. I'm being told I will need a bone graft after removal of the tips then post put in then the bridge. I'm wearing a flipper now it's not comfortable & how do I know if I need bone graft I've gone to two different places & one says no bone graft & the other say yes. I'm self pay so of course I want to save money but I want the work to look good.

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I would get one more opinion from a board certified periodontist and choose the doctor thst you feel the most comfortable with.  You are dealing with front teeth and these can be very technique sensitive. Make sure that you choose a surgeon and general dentist with a great deal of cosmetic experience.  Good luck.  

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