I had Restylane injections under my eyes now have puffy areas under both eyes it has puddled . Only be corrected surgically.

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The eyes are a very sensitive area for HA (Restylane, Juvederm, etc) injection.  Early lower lid swelling will go away in 4-5 days.  However, if the injection wasn't placed properly or you are having a reaction for some other reason, you will need to visit a plastic surgeon that has experience with this issue. I would give it a couple weeks to resolve.  The good news, is that this type of product can be "injected out" with a product made just for this purpose, and frequently returns the tissue to normal within hours.  If that doesn't work, surgery is sometimes necessary in order to correct the problem   

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Restylane Injections for Eyes and Puffiness

If it has been two weeks since your injections under the eyes I would definitely have the product dissolved and consult with a specialist. Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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Puffy eyelids

If you were injected within the last week with Restylane, the swelling should subside. If it has been more than 6 months, then you might require reinjection or blepharoplasty. See an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon for comprehensive evaluation and proper guidance.
Good luck,

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I had Restylane injections under my eyes now have puffy areas under both eyes it has puddled . Only be corrected surgically.

Hello Jrandy,

Restylane tends to cause less swelling than many of the other fillers for under eye treatment.  If you feel your eyes are puffy and you recently had your treatment, you are likely just seeing swelling.  This can last up to two weeks.  If it has been a long time since your Restylane, it is also possible that it has worn off and you are seeing your true anatomy without the filler camouflage.  If your problem is related to the Restylane, there is an injection you can have that would dissolve the Restylane.  Surgery to remove hyaluronic acid based fillers is not needed.  If your eye bags are bothering you, then surgery is the correction for that.  Fillers help to camouflage the bags but don't get at the root cause of them (which is fat bags that are improved with surgery). 

I'd recommend you follow up with your physician injector.  If you aren't pleased with his or her services, consider getting a second opinion on the best treatment form a facial plastic surgeon.

I hope this helps and good luck. 

William Marshall Guy, MD
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Restylane under the eyes

The under eye area is an extremely sensitive area. Patient selection is key, and only experienced and expert injector. The restylane can be reversed. 

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