I have had four refinements with Invisalign, and very unhappy with result. Is there anyway I can get a refund or something?

I have had invisalign for about four years and have had four sets of refinements since my initial invisalign set. My dentist said I was a perfect candidate, I have worn them continuously. I have given up that she even knows what she is talking about anymore. Is there anyway I can get a refund or her pay for me to receive braces from an actual orthodontist. She does not do braces since she is just a dentist. I spent tons of money and my teeth are terrible.

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Begin with a conversation with your dentist

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I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal with Invisalign and your dentist. It certainly seems way out of the ordinary to have these things occurring. You need to sit down with your dentist one-on-one and discuss your unhappiness and ask questions as to what can be done to satisfy you. In the event that you do not have any progress in this area, you can always contact the Houston dental Society for a Peer Review of your case. They will examine all of the facts and encourage an agreement to be arranged. If that does not bring satisfaction you can always bring legal action if you see that is the direction you want to go. Hi believe the dentist is like most dentists and is interested in the best care and treatment for you. Again, I'm very sorry and hope that you resolve this very soon for both of your sake. Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas Texas area

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