Need to know what needs to be done as far as palate expansion and the slightly erupted cuspid. I was told I was "done"? (Photos)

I was told i had a narrow palate at 13 and officially got braces at 14. My narrow palate was neglected. I keep suggesting to widen my palate and i am continously given a wider/stronger wire which only does soo much. They also never really seemed to fix my slightly errupted cuspid, they said it was done. I told them i was not satisfied with my smile, and ask to specify to them what i dislike. I am currently 18. Any suggestions

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How to Provide Adequate Space for Cuspid Eruption

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Your narrow arches should have been addressed before the braces were placed. Now that braces are on you still need more arch width. The good news is that you can still easily expand the dental arch with a simple, removable dental appliance. It would require 12-17 hrs/day of consistently wearing the appliance for approximately three months to get all the arch development that you need.

Good luck!

Not sure from pictures

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it looks like you have a hefty square wire there which will make eruption with that elastic difficult.  I would suggest you get another opinion.

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