I had fat transfer from stomach, flanks, and back 6/30/16 to my butt. (photos)

Now its day 3 post op and im concerned about the results. Different pictures with different angles show different results. However im truly concern I wont get the lift and fullness I wanted. I only sat on my butt out recover in wheel chair and ride home. Then I proceeded on my stomach & side the entire time.

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Brazilian Butt Lift results.

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Thank you for your question and photos. You are still in the early stage of recovery. Healing after a Brazilian Butt Lift is usually pretty straight forward. There is a process of swelling and bruising that peaks at 3 days after surgery and then undergoes the first stage of major resolution in the first 2 weeks after surgery. The lateer phase of healing takes place over the 2 months after surgery where everything really settles. It is after this time that we are getting close to the final result, though this varies patient to patient.


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At this time you have a lot of swelling and you cannot see the final result, you should be patient and wait for about 3 months, and by that time about 80% of the swelling in the buttocks will be gone, then it is easier to have an idea about the results. Day after day you will notice small changes, and usually the result looks better.

Fat transfer from stomach, flanks, and back to my butt

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Hi, Nana

It is really difficult to determine the final results in the early recovery period following liposuction and fat transfer/BBL.  Swelling really distorts everything, and some areas swell more than others, making it even more difficult to determine.  Because the buttock tissue is a fairly confined space, the swelling can cause some temporary distortion and firmness.  Also, the girdle, itself, can cause some distortion.

Without the benefit of pre-operative pictures or information on the amount of fat transferred, it is difficult to advise whether your current, early results are as to be expected.  

I would definitely recommend following up with your surgeon -- he/she will be best able to determine whether you are on track.  Additionally, the major swelling will generally start subsiding during the 2nd through 4th weeks, at which time you will have a better idea about the likely final volume of your buttocks.  The minor swelling and post-operative skin remodeling takes many months.  And therefore, it takes many months to really know what your final contour will be.

It is great that you have taken such good care with the off-loading.  this is critical to having the best results possible!  Best of luck to you, and I hope that your final result is what you were looking for.

Giovanna Ghafoori, MD
Harlingen Plastic Surgeon
4.6 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

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At this point, you are in the healing phase, and are likely very swollen. Give it time to heal. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

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