I just got a BBL. How long do I have to wear my garment for and when can I sit normal?

My dr said to not sit down normal until 3 months and have to wear garment for 3 months as well. is this a little to much? I've see that everyone says 6weeks. quite not sure if 3 months is a little to absurd?

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I just got a BBL. How long do I have to wear my garment for and when can I sit normal?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I recommend you to wear your garment for at least 6 months, the first 3 for 24 hours a day, and the other 3 for 12 hours a day, you will also get better results too!

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When To Sit And Garment Duration After Brazilian Butt Lift

In my practice I advise a minimum of six weeks of no pressure whatsoever on the buttocks after Brazilian Butt Lift. I provide a special roll (NOT a donut roll as that puts pressure on the butt) to help with sitting in the first six weeks. This special roll allows sitting without putting any pressure on the buttocks after BBL. You should absolutely follow your plastic surgeon's instructions. S/he has a reason s/he has suggested three months. And while I recommend a minimum of six weeks, I've had patients go longer than six weeks. I feel that their results ended up even better, specifically more projection and an even more rounded shape. Having said that, I get excellent results with the six-week no buttocks pressure restriction. Garment I also recommend to my patients for a minimum of six weeks. I advise longer if skin has poor elasticity.

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Sitting after BBL

Thanks for your question. It's a good idea to follow your doctor's instructions as he/she will have reasons for those instructions. That being said, it's worth talking to him/her about specific instructions since you can probably start placing some pressure on the area prior to 3 months. I have my patients off their buttock completely for 2 weeks and then slowly start placing some pressure on the buttocks over the course of the next weeks. 

All the best in your recovery process,

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Thank you for your question.

I would recommend following your surgeons aftercare instructions because each surgeons differ slightly based on their beliefs and technique. This is what I recommend for my patients; during the first week, only sitting to use the toilet is recommended and you should sleep on your stomach. The second week you may sit up to 5 minutes two times per day, the third week you may sit up to 9 minutes five times a day only and after the third week sitting is fine as long as you are comfortable. I also recommend that your garments be worn at all times for 4 weeks from the day of surgery. I hope this helps.
Best of luck!

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Thank you for your question. Post operative care varies by provider. It is best to follow your doctors order. At your next follow up appointment ask you surgeon about your concerns.

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