I had very bad capsular contraction w/ high profile implants over the muscle. I had a revision, are my results normal? (photo)

It's been only 38 hours since surgery. They removed 2 capsular contracted high profile 350cc saline implants over the muscle and switched to under the muscle with silicone 400cc. I was told my implant would drop this time and feel natural. I'm not sure if this look is normal. The bottom of the breast is filled with a lot of fluid and hangs a bit. Doctor says in 2-3 months they will look normal, what do you think? He seemed to know what he was saying. It just looks very deformed now.

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Too early after revisional surgery to make a pronouncement.

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The appearance of the breast is worrisome but it's a bit early to make a decision about corrections. One would expect the volume of the prosthesis to drop over the ensuing weeks in the breast may indeed look acceptable at that time.

Too early to see the final result.

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It is too early to see the final result. I would suggest that you see your surgeon for evaluation. Your breast tissue needs support while it is healing. The repositioning of the implant has caused breast tissue to fall off the implant and your surgeon need to check for seroma. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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