When is a good time to get a bbl?? (photo)

Hi I'm 24 in August I turn 25.. I have 2 girls one 3 years old and the other 1.. I'm been of getting a bbl, but I need son avice.. I want another baby a BOY. But ima wait some time... Do u think me getting a bbl and then get pregnant is a bad idea??? Or should I get pregnant before.. But how long do I have to wait to get a bbl after giving birth???? Plz help me

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When is a good time to get a bbl??

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If you are planning on having another child, I would wait.  Things can change with your body that could possibly require something more than just a BBL at that time.  I would only consider doing the BBL now if the possibility of having another child would be much further in the future rather than soon.


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If you are not planning to get preganant for a few more years then having a BBL is not uncommon in your position. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. 


Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Bbl vrs pregnancy

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This is really the lifestyle question. If you're not going to have another pregnancy for a few years why not have an improvement in your body while you're still young. But if you're going to have another pregnancy in a relatively short period of time then I would do it afterwards. Usually 3 to 6 months after the pregnancy would be possibly the earliest time. And I would recommend that you see a Board certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of plastic surgery.
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Dr. Michael Gartner 

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