Are my goals for tummy tuck reaching too far?

I am looking to get a tummy tuck with liposuction. I am concerned sometimes the result looks very square or boxy. My goal would to have a very snatched waist more like what you see when one does a bbl. Is this possible?

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Goals for tummy tuck

Thanks for your question.

The result of tummy tuck will depend on your body as well as your surgeon's skills. If you are a good candidate for tummy tuck, you will likely have flatter a tummy with a smaller waist.  

It is very important to understand the procedure and to have a realistic expectation.  Please consult a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Based on examination of your body, your plastic surgeon should be able to tell you whether your goal is achievable.

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Hourglass figure with a TT and lipo??

Thank you for your question. 

I understand what you are looking for. In order to achieve the "cinched" waist look, I incorporate mesh to reinforce the abdominal wall and act as an internal girdle to create an hour glass silhouette. I also implement lateral muscle plication in addition to the anterior repair most surgeons carry out. Liposuction is usually not needed with my TTs since most patients loose weight after surgery or desired waist definition is accomplished. Mesh used in this manner has proven to be safe and effective for more than 50 years as general surgeons use it for hernia repairs. I hope this helps. 

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Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Defined Waist and Hips

Most patients prefer to trade a boxy look for a more curvaceous figure. A lot of this depends on your anatomy and fat distribution.  Tightening the abdominal muscles and further sculpting the result with liposuction is the best way to achieve a curvy look.  Looking at photos of patients similar to you also will help establish what you can expect from surgery.

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Brazilian lipoabdominoplasty

Thank you for your question.

I would recommend that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so they can perform a full body examination and give you the best recommendations based off of their examination. Based on your cosmetic goals alone, you may benefit from a Brazilian lipoabdominoplasty. This procedure is the combination of liposuction and a traditional tummy tuck. During a tummy tuck I tighten the diastasis rectus muscle which brings in the waist then I cut out the excess skin to achieve overall, a smaller waist with a nice flat abdomen and a thin scar hidden below the bikini line. Then the use of liposuction will help remove any excess fat deposits along with creating a nice, smooth silhouette. I hope this helps!
Good luck in your endeavors!
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Goals of TT Reaching Too Far

Well, your goals may not reach too far, as there are always combined procedures that can assist in the overall final result of the procedure. Additional procedures that may enhance the result are Liposuction, Breast Procedures, or Thigh Lift. Mommy makeovers usually include multiple operations.  Brazilian “butt enhancement” can be done at the same time to provide best body contours. Arm reduction or brachiaplasty is also common.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Goals for tummy tuck

As  mentioned by the other surgeons it is difficult to address your goals without a picture or an in-person consultation. However, I will say that much of what you want as far as a waistline depends on your muscular and bony anatomy. If you have high hip bones and a short torso it would be more difficult to bring in your waist. Also, if you have a BMI above or around 30 this would also limit your aesthetic result. You would be best served by consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon certified by the ABPS who can realistically address your concerns.

David Graham, MD
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Are my goals for tummy tuck reaching too far?

This may be possible but it depends on your current body shape and size and anatomy. Find a qualified board certified plastic surgeon in your area and go over the expected results. Good Luck I'm sure you'll love it! 

Jordan P. Farkas, MD
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Tummy tuck contouring

The key to getting the result your looking for is to do liposuction along with your tummy tuck, plus performing a diastasis repair.  Fixing the diastasis draws in the waist and flattens the belly up front.  But, if lipo isn't done also, you're basically just moving the box down, which doesn't really "contour".  

Up until a few years ago, most plastic surgeons did not do liposuction with their tummy tucks, and it is only recently that some of us started doing liposuction on the entire abdomen, but it is a relatively new technique.  Obviously, without seeing your pictures, I can't tell you what kind of result to expect.  

Cain R. Linville, MD
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It's hard to tell without photographs

When most plastic surgeon perform a tummy tuck, they combined liposuction of the abdomen and often the love handle area. This is done to develop more of a waistline. Depending on how much skin you have overhanging and the length of the overhang as well as the with of your hips, this will influence the shape you're going to end up with.

Joseph M. Perlman, MD
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Waist after tummy tuck?

It may not be possible for you to achieve the result you want or it might be? Most people who need a tummy tuck have had children which widens the hips and torso. I think you need to have an evaluation by your plastic surgeon and discuss what is realistically achievable. Tummy tuck is a great operation that is safe and will likely dramatically change your appearance very positively. However, not every body shape is available and it may depend on your physique now. Best wishes, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
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