Full Tummy tuck on July 5 2015. Revision on Dec 14th 2015 for bulge. Lipo on 6/30/2016. Unhappy. (photos)

With all the work that was done ( 2 tummy tucks and then Lipo) I'm still severly swollen, 2 large hard spots one on each side of stomach, and havent had a flat tummy since the 1st tummy tuck in july 2015 which was up until 3 wks I was had developed a hematoma. I hate my results, I work out and still swollen and hard spots. PS keep saying massage & I do and nothing has changed. Need 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc opinion.

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Probably lose weight first.....and


Let me do you the courtesy of being direct: You might not have been the best candidate for surgery in the first place. "Cosmetic surgery" is not "weight loss" in the strictest meaning of the words. 

I do not know this but suspect it as you have had a fair amount of surgery and are not happy (your own words.)

A "sit down" with your surgeon to focus upon your goals and a realistic way to get to them is in order.....my opinion.


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John Di Saia MD

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Dissatisfaction after multiple abdominal procedures


I am sorry that you remain dissatisfied after three procedures for improvement of your abdomen.   I don't know where you started from in terms of excess abdominal tissue and abdominal wall laxity, history of childbirths, weight loss, etc.  Did one plastic surgeon perform each of these procedures?  

At eleven months from the last procedure, I would guess that further resolution will likely not occur to a large degree.  From the photographs, it appears that there is still upper and lower central abdomen bulging and laxity that could be further addressed.  There also looks to be some excess skin/fat of the lower abdomen and fat deposits of the flanks extending around to the back.  

I would schedule a revisit with your plastic surgeon to express your dissatisfaction and review options at this point.  It is helpful to write down your thoughts before the meeting so that all your questions are answered. You may consider a true second opinion by an ASPS board certified surgeon to completely review your history and procedures and confirm that you're heading in the right direction. I commend you working out and doing your part to make your abdomen the best it can be.  Best of luck!

Bradley Remington, MD
Kirkland Plastic Surgeon
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