Follow-up Question: Shape advice needed for veneer replacements.

My dentist has agreed to remake my veneers, though he is happy with the current shape. I understand there are limitations as to what he can do with only 4 veneers. I have 2 dominant canines and the rest of my teeth tilt inwards a bit.I need help describing a shape for the 4 new veneers that will compliment my teeth while creating a natural wide smile. I'm not pleased with the veneers I have but I'm not sure how to improve upon the new veneers except the obvious bulkiness and color.

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Differences in porcelain veneers can be minor but MAJOR

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In the link provided, I show different designs for porcelain veneers.  Some people have a difficult time to tell the differences, since they are so minor.  However, the impact is large.

It is not likely to get a satisfactory outcome with just 4, but during the prototype phase (when you are wearing temporary veneers while waiting for the lab) you can work out the desired changes.

8-10 veneers will give a skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist the ability to get as close to perfect as possible.

Replacement. Veneers

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Your dentist will be making you temporaries to protect your teeth after the veneers are removed. Use the temporaries to determine the correct contour. Your dentist can recontour and reshape your temporaries until you are happy with the design. At this point a model of the temporaries can be made and sent to the lab. They can then make the final restorations to match the exact shape of your temporaries that you have approved. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Cosmetic Imaging and Diagnostic Waxups

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Limiting your smile enhancement  to only your four front teeth will limit how much change can be expected.  As you pointed out in your question, treatment planing 8-10 teeth would allow a fuller cosmetic outcome.  However, I have achieved beautiful results with just 2-4 veneers.  With the use of cosmetic imaging and diagnostic waxups, you can see the different options and cosmetic tweaks possible for your smile, all before you have your front teeth redone.  

Good Luck   

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Veneering only four teeth will likely not significantly change your look. Choosing to veneer 8-10 teeth would allow a skillful cosmetic dentist to give you the broad, beautiful smile you desire.  However, the choice is yours. I would recommend doing some online research to find the shape of veneers you'd like for yourself. You dentist can then contour your temporaries to the design you want for your permanent veneers so you can see how great they'll look. I hope this helps and follow me on RealSelf for more questions and answers.

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